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SOS fire equipment started several years ago when the owner Keith Gammel started noticing that some larger departments were selling their surplus equipment. As a Vol. firefighter/chief and a career firefighter I knew what new equipment cost and that the equipment still had serviceable life remaining. I started buying this equipment as my limited funds would allow and started reselling to departments that needed the equipment. Over time departments would contact me to have him look for specific equipment. However, this all came to a halt in 2017 when my wife became ill and we were running to hospitals for about 7-8 months. In Sept. of 2017 my wife passed away at 37yo. Having 3 kids to support I knew time had been tough and it was going to get tougher for me and my family. We struggled for some time when I took all my savings and purchased a large lot of used SCBA's from a dept in New Jersey. I drove up picked it up and drove back home. Once home I inventoried it, contacted a service tech to come test them all and started marketing them. In about 1-2 months I had it all sold. Feeling a sigh of relief, I started looking for more equipment. I did this for quite some time from out of my 2-car garage. I soon saw the need to build a shop. I built a 1200sq foot shop and filled all my business documents with the state. Doing all of this a single father, full time career firefighter and volunteer fire chief. Soon I realized that there was only a certain amount of equipment that you can get on the surplus market. So, I started getting with vendors to get set up selling new equipment. This is alot harder than it sounds!!! Most vendors won't give you the time of day if you're not having millions in sales a year. So, I got in where I could. Fast forward 2 years and I have now moved to a 4000sq. ft. facility with store front. 


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